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China's National Memory Chip Project Begins Construction In Wuhan

China's National Memory Chip Project Begins Construction In Wuhan Science & Technology World Website

China's national memory base project recently has begun construction in the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone.

With a total investment of USD24 billion, this national memory base will realize an annual output of over USD10 billion upon its full completion by 2020. At the same time, it will become a breakthrough for the scale development of China's integrated circuit memory chip industry.

The national memory base will reportedly have three large 3D NAND Flash FAB plants, one headquarters, a research and development building, and several other supporting buildings. Its core production plants and equipment boast investment of over USD30,000 per square meter.

The first phase of the project plans to complete construction and put into production in 2018 and the entire project is expected to be completed in 2020. With its full completion, it will achieve the total production capacity of 300,000 chips per month and an annual output of over USD10 billion.

The national memory base project is jointly invested and constructed by Tsinghua Unigroup, China's national integrated circuit industry investment fund, Hubei's regional fund, and Hubei Science & Technology Investment Group. It will integrate memory product design, technology research, development, wafer production, and sales. It is expected to promote the development of chip-related sectors such as design, packaging, manufacturing, and applications.



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