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LG will launch AI air conditioner that supports voice recognition

LG will launch AI air conditioner that supports voice recognition Science & Technology World Website

LG Electronics is preparing to expand the AI home appliance business, according the company. Recently, LG has unveiled Whisen double air conditioner. What is more, LG will also launch voice recognition home appliances in 2018.

Dan Song, the president of the Home Appliance and Air Conditioner Company at LG Electronics said at a press in Seoul that “AI system can understand the demands of users and provide mixed solutions according to different seasons. With this system, we will keep ahead in the global high-end air conditioner market.”

It seems that the future home appliances will be more interconnected with each other. Dan Song added that,“So far, fridges and washing machines all operate independently. However, the home appliances in the future will become combined systems centering around space. In an effort to cater to this tendency, we begin to add Wi-Fi connection to all the productions from 2017.”

The new Whisen double air conditioner can understand users’ usage mode and the surrounding space with deep learning technology. It will use cloud network and the sensors on the connected devices to collect the data. The AI system will use unstructured data for learning.

LG Electronics also said, the company will cooperate with the world advanced AI companies, such as Amazon, Google and Apple. “We are seeking the opportunities for acquisition and merge, as well as the potential partners who understand our vision and strategies,”said Dan Song.

In 2018, LG Electronics will also introduce voice recognition technology to its home appliance products. Lee Kam-kyu, director of Air Conditioner Solution Business at LG Electronics said that,“As a new-born product, voice recognition air conditioner was launched a few years ago. We are now aiming to enhance the deep learning technology for the products. The integration of voice recognition and deep learning technology will make AI system more completed. In 2018, we will launch more products with voice recognition technology.” LG aims to seize more than 10% of the shares in the global air conditioner market. 

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