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Baidu Established the Fourth Laboratory -- AR Lab

Baidu Established the Fourth Laboratory -- AR Lab. Science & Technology World Website

Recently, Baidu carried out an activity of “Restoring Old Beijing Gates with AR” and invited Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda to take part in. Baidu announced it will establish the Baidu Fourth Laboratory to build AR Lab platform.

Baidu is setting to restore the Beijinng’s nine gates with AR technology, and will display the famous cultural city one hundred years ago in photos in the Xizhimen Transfer Hall of Metro Line 2 and Line 13, and a Baidu AR train in Line 2. Users can use Baidu App to take the old photo, and trigger VR, then it will display the corresponding gate and introduce its history and allusion by voice. Baidu will connect the search technology and AR to improve the search experience.

Besides that, by SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), you can see the ancient people passing by us on today’s street at the Zhengyang Gate. According to Baidu, SLAM has significantly applications in the driverless cars, drones and AR. Baidu can make it low-power, high real-time and multi-supports, such as monocular and binocular, RGBD etc..

Baidu's chief scientist Wu Enda believes that AI technology is the core of AR, "Not a few technologies of the future artificial intelligence will be very important to AR. When you are watching something of AR with a handset, if you want to interact with your handset, the most important and convenient way is to speak by yourself. So, our team is also working on how to watch AR and interact with it at the same time by voice recognition.

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