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Ebrost LED smart glass can be controlled by smartphones

Ebrost LED smart glass can be controlled by smartphones Science & Technology World Website

When friends get together, they like to go to a bar, sit down to have a drink and chat. Apart from the joyful chatting, a novel glass may also light up a happy atmosphere of the party.

For example, the Ebrost, a smart LED glass which starts crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It has a built-in LED at the bottom of the glass, whose color can be controlled by smartphones, so as to improve the atmosphere. What is more, since you can set the color to it via smartphones, you can always be sure to recognize which glass is yours and avoid drinking from someone else’s.

Connecting with smartphones via Bluetooth, Ebrost can be controlled by an app to turn on/off and set the color. In addition, all the electronic elements of the glass are embedded in the plastic casing so it can be washed in dishwashers. Ebrost is designed to be like glass material, but it will not break if you fall it down. The design and the quality make it the best choice in a big party.

Ebrost has a built-in lithium battery which is charged by the wireless charger. You can use any wireless charging base with Qi technology to charge the glass.

Ebrost can be compatible with all the devices running iOS and Android. We can also use the app to chat with your friends to keep in touch with them.   

Now Ebrost LED glass has launched the crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with the goal of $20000. People can pre-order the glass at the price of $25 (172 RMB). If everything goes smoothly, it will be shipped in May 2017. 

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