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Cinemood reveals Mini Cinema for your little ones

Cinemood reveals Mini Cinema for your little ones Science & Technology World Website

Perhaps it would be good to forget about big boy’s toys for a while, and concentrate on the younger ones. Our young children too, need to have some toys or gadgets to play with, as we know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, a huge projector in any home is always welcome, especially for movie buffs, but what if your little ones wanted one of their own? Cinemood has decided to fill this niche with a kid-friendly Mini Cinema that will target families, as it sports children-friendly preloaded content. This makes the Mini Cinema a unique way to bring the family together for some classic movie moments!

The Cinemood Mini Cinema, also known as the Storyteller, is a portable mini cinema which is tiny enough to be carried just about anywhere, and can project onto any surface. It will boast of expertly curated content, allowing users to choose from a bilingual pre-loaded library of cartoons, audio stories, digital books, lullabies, and shadow puppet show tutorials among others.

All of the content on the Storyteller will be updated on a monthly basis, courtesy of its cloud library subscription. This means you will never run out of content to enjoy the Storyteller as there will be something different served up every single month! The lamp technology offers a safe reflected light, making sure that viewers, regardless of age, will not be exposed to blue light. The inclusion of Smart Covers also add protectiveness, as well as NFC technology for increased connectivity. New series of cartoons are downloaded via Wi-Fi.

Of course, you are also able to watch your own content via the included USB adaptor and your flash drive. The future companion mobile app on iOS and Android platforms will pave the way for parental controls as well. Sounds like the perfect entertainment tool for the whole family who is on the move!



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