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Automation & Electronics-2017


20th international specialized exhibition

07.02 - 10.02.2017

Organizer: JSC "Minskexpo"

Place: 220035 Minsk, Belarus

Support and Assistance: Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Association of Industrial Power Engineering Specialists.

Automation and Electronics” exhibition is the only specialized event in the Republic of Belarus for domestic and foreign producers, suppliers of automation means and electronic elements, processing equipment and materials for electronic and electrotechnical production manufacture in the Republic of Belarus.

Factory automation

Automation of technological processes

  •  Financial and economic activity management and analysis.

  •  Production automation:  

- Design automation and engineering data management;
- Technological processes automation;
- Primary metering and control means;
- Data conversion and communication;
- Executive units and equipment: relay, drive mechanism; CNC equipment; welding, metal cutting equipment; pneumatic, compressor, hydraulic systems; heat, ventilation systems, water-supply equipment etc. 

  • Automated management systems of the establishment quantities


  • Semi-conductors:

- diode, transistors, power semiconductor elements, optoelectronic components, memory chips, microprocessors and microcontrollers etc.  

  • Passive components:

- inductors, ferromagnetic components, capacitors, resistors, SHF components etc.

  • Electromechanical components and joining technologies:

- connectors, clips, switches, keyboards, triggering devices, relay, cables etc.

  • Printed-circuit boards;

  • Integrated systems, subassemblies, modules;

  • Displays;

  • Materials. Instruments for electronics industry;

  • Surface mounting equipment.



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