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Chevrolet reveals life-sized Batmobile made of 340000 LEGO bricks

Chevrolet has unveiled a life-sized Batmobile made up of more than 340,000 bricks.

Standing 6 feet tall and spanning 17 feet long, the caped crusader's car took 222 hours to design and 1,833 to build.

The American carmaker teamed up with students at Detroit's Cody Rouge to create the vehicle in honor of the upcoming film 'The LEGO Batman Movie'.

'To work on the LEGO Batmobile with Warner Bros. is an absolute thrill for us at Chevy,' said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing.

'Many of the themes in 'The LEGO® Batman Movie,' like imagination, family and community, align perfectly with our Chevy brand values and add to the value of the partnership.'

Chevrolet debuted its masterpiece at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit Saturday.

Although this car is only for show, its measurements are realistic.

It's 17 feet long, from back to front, and almost 7 feet high.

The total weight is 1,695.5 pounds and each tire weighs more than 100 pounds.

Chevrolet and the rest of its team designed the interior from a more than 86 feet of square tube aluminum that weighs 282 pounds itself.

Altogether the car consists of 344,187 LEGOS that are 17 different colors.

It's complete with a Batman symbol hood ornament and dual seat cockpit in the front.

Even though the LEGO Batmobile is just a prop, Chevrolet has put together a mock list of features that Bruce Wayne would be proud of - and stuck it with a $48 million price tag.

On the sides, Chevrolet says there is variable height suspension, sextuple exhaust and stud shooters.

And the rear is what makes this car something straight out of the comic book it has a flaming rocket booster, 60.2L engine and air brake capable fins.

The mock list of features also includes a Monster Truck mode that allows you and your trusty sidekick to take the vehicle off-road. 

And the firm thought a Parallel Park Mode is essential, since the car is 17 feet long.

This provides lateral movement for easy parking by turning all four wheels a full 90 degrees.

'The LEGO Batmobile moves fast, but information moves even faster,' Chevrolet shared on the official website.

'With ingenious connectivity tech like hands-free calling, phone integration and a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, you'll always be up to speed on what's happening in the city.'

The LEGO movie set to hit theaters on February 10 includes the storyline of boy who eventually becomes Robin, which made the LEGO Batmobile creators feel it was necessary to include teen driver technology.

'Teen Driver technology has a number of advanced features to help new drivers, from muting the audio until front-seat occupants are buckled, to automatically turning on advanced safety technologies like Automatic Nerd Alert, Side Batwing Conversion and X-Ray Vision Camera,' explained Chevrolet.

'The in-vehicle report shows how your teen performed so you can identify problem areas and coach your new driver on improvements.'

And when you're out protecting the city from evil villains you can access a range of crime fighting features like armored side panels and bulletproof glass. 

The LEGO Batmobile from Chevrolet will also appear in the next variation of Chevrolet's 'Real People, Not Actors' campaign. In the new spot, real LEGO Minifigure figurines discuss what kind of person would drive the all-new LEGO Batmobile.



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