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Tencent establishes a complete online education ecosystem

Tencent establishes a complete online education ecosystem Science & Technology World Website

Tencent Education Platform has announced the Outstanding Course Project, which will establish a reward and punishment mechanism for course quality, while inputting commercial income to flow construction, teaching capacity and content construction. This project will be launched in March 2017.

It is reported Tencent Education Platform will be commercially transformed in 2017,strengthening the transformation between flow and pay, educational administration and teaching system, and institute support and course quality management. Relying on Tencent’s ecosystem, institutes can promote courses to users in a better way and carry on the teaching service management efficiently. At the same time, the users can also learn systematically.

Tencent also optimized its educational platform, with the features including CRM students sale management system, new functions of course package, course analysis and course arrangement system. Tencent Education Platform will enhance its “connection” and “efficiency” continuously, and deepen the outstanding institute support and reward and punishment mechanism from basic tools to educational administration and learning tools.

Tencent establishes a complete online education ecosystem Science & Technology World Website

Liang Zhu, the vice president of Tencent, said, “Tencent proposed the core strategy of ‘content + connection’ three years ago, which focused on connecting contents with different forms based on social platform. It hopes that education could be a very important part in this strategy. We also believe firmly education sector will generate more vitality. Tencent education aims to establish a healthy and active ecosystem, popularizing outstanding educational resources to people need them more.”

Tencent started deploying the online education as early as 2013. It set up the Online Education Division in November 2016, with “Tencent Education Platform” and “Tencent Education App” as its core businesses. As a B2B2C platform, Tencent Education Platform connects the teachers and students, and integrates the outstanding contents with external educational institutes. It is committed to establishing a new ecosystem of students, educational institutes and educational contents.

Tencent Education Platform has served for more than 10000 institutes and teachers, and 200 million students since it was launched in 2014. Taking the improvement of user experience as its primary goal, Tencent Education Platform will continue to provide outstanding learning experience and establish a healthy, active and win-win online educational ecosystem jointly with its partners. 

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