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These concept OLEDs from LG Display are closer to reality than you think

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Most of the new TVs I saw last week at CES are actually coming to market in 2017, but some of the coolest won't be available for sale. Unless you're an airport, a fast-food restaurant or a jewelry store with a penchant for flashy signage.

The epicenter of display coolness was the white-walled, private booth of LG Display. There I found numerous 77-inch OLED screens, some stuck together back to back and some wrapped around columns large enough to support the roof of Terminal 4 at JFK. There were transparent OLEDs, OLED video walls and even a display showing how an OLED screen can act as a speaker (the last is actually coming to market later this year, thanks to Sony.) There were even a few LCDs.

As one of the biggest display manufacturers in the world, LGD supplies not only LG Electronics but Sony, Vizio and many other clients. In addition to TV-size and larger displays, it also makes small screens found in phones, PCs, laptops and cars. They wouldn't allow me to take photos or video of the small-screen stuff this year, but in years past that's where I found coolness like the18-inch rollable OLED.

There wasn't anything quite that mind-blowing displayed this year, but if you care about future TV tech, commercial and otherwise, there's still plenty of interesting stuff to see. Enjoy.

LG Releases Cheaper 4K OLED TVs

LG Releases Cheaper 4K OLED TVs    Science & Technology World Website


LG has announced pricing and availability for its entire 2016 OLED TV lineup. Some of the models in the lineup are expensive, which you likely are aware of, so in order to make sure that their products cater to customers from all walks of life, LG has announced the launch of a few cheaper OLED 4K TVs.

There should be something here for everyone and they are cheaper, but you still get some bang for your buck. The flat-panel B6 and curved-panel C6 series TVs join the LG SIGNATURE OLED G6 and LG OLED E6 series.

The entire 2016 LG OLED 4K smart TV lineup is all about stunning picture quality, perfect blacks, expanded color, and improved brightness even at wide viewing angles. You’ll be happy to know that all eight models support HDR. The flat-panel LG OLED 4K TVs from the B6 series are available in 55 inch and 65 inch versions for $3,999 and $5,999.

Curved-panel C6 TVs are also available in the same sizes and with the same price tags. You can also get the E6 series available in the same sizes but for $4,999 and $6,999. The most expensive models are in the SIGNATURE OLED series that have a harmon/kardon sound bar stand as well. The 65 inch model is $7,999 while pricing for the 77 inch TV hasn’t been confirmed yet. These new 2016 LG OLED 4K TVs are now available from retailers across the US.

Sony unveils 'speakerless' OLED 4K TV

Sony unveils 'speakerless' OLED 4K TV.  Science & Technology World Website.

Sony has officially stepped into the world of OLED, with its newly revealed 4K Bravia OLED TVs.

The slim design, demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, leaves no room for speakers – instead, it uses Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology to emit sound from the screen itself.

President and CEO Kazuo Hirai also showed off a number of other products, including a camera that can capture 960 frames per second, and a 4K HDR home theatre projector.

Hirai revealed the latest in Sony’s HDR products at the press conference in Las Vegas ahead of CES’s official opening.

The stunning new A1E Bravia series demonstrated during the event is equipped with support for Dolby Vision, and relies on X1-Extreme processing technology to ‘render every detail of an image regardless of ambient darkess in the scene.’

This allows the screen to reproduce even deep black hues in a dark screen, and according to Hirai, it means ‘you’ll see more than you ever thought possible in a display.’

The Acoustic Surface technology eliminates the speakers – there are no speakers even on the side or the bottom of the TV.

Instead, the technology ‘vibrates the display’ to create the sound from behind the screen.

‘The result is an ingenious speakerless and standless design,’ Hirai said.

Sony also revealed its latest 4K HDR projector.

It’s a ‘minimally intrusive’ design, and can be set up close to the wall thanks to its ultra-short lens to project a display of over 100 inches.

And, according to Hirai, you’ll be able to stream 4K HDR content from Amazon and Netflix.

Being so close to the wall, this means there would be more floor space between the viewers and the projector, and eliminates the shadows caused by people walking in front.



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