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Plant and Animal Genome Conference

Plant and Animal Genome Conference

14 - 18 January 2017 | Town and Country Hotel San Diego

San Diego, USA 

Plant and Animal Genome Conference is one of the major conferences. The renowned speakers who will be addressing their speech in the conference are Eric Perakslis, Michael B. Eisen, Daniel Chourrout, Steven Jacobsen, Greger Larson, Michele Morgante and Gary Muehlbauer. 

Some of the major topics that will be emphasized in Plant and Animal Genome Conference are applications of ontologies to plant and animal genomics data, plant interactions with pests and pathogens, ecological genomics, mutation screening. It will provide an opportunity to the speakers to give demonstrations on genomics of genebanks, evolution of genome size, next generation genome annotation and analysis, genomics for disease resistance. Overall this conference will focus on genomes of plant and animal.



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