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Gionee is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in China

Gionee (officially Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. and stylized as GIONEE;Chinese: 金立; pinyin: jīn lì) is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen,Guangdong. Founded in 2002, it is one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. According to Gartner, its market share in China was 4.7% in 2012, and it has expanded into other markets, including Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Vietnam,Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines and Algeria.

Gionee Communication maintains two processing plants (Dongguan Jinming Electronics and Dongguan Jinzhong Electronics) with a total investment of more than 80 million RMB (about US$12 million), a factory floor area of more than 20,000 square metres (220,000 sq ft) and over 1000 employees.



ICP:09019593 Network Management No:20110200020

Operation license of appreciation telecom service:B-2-4-20100139

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