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A white PS4 Slim is coming this month

A white PS4 Slim is coming this month Science & Technology World Website

In a move that will surprise no one, Sony has announced a new color variant for its cheaper, slimmer PlayStation 4. The new "Glacier White" option will launch in Japan for 29,980 yen (500GB) and 34,980 yen (1TB) on January 23rd. The 500GB model will then be released in Europe for €299/£259 a day later. Aside from the new paint job, there's no discernible difference between the console and its Jet Black counterpart. Before too long, however, it'll no doubt be offered in a range of exclusive bundles.

As for the US, well, there's no word on a release date just yet. (Boo!) We would be surprised if it never comes across the pond, however -- white consoles tend to do pretty well stateside. In the meantime, North American gamers will have to sit tight or consider importing from another country. 

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