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ZTE officially joins the 5G Automotive Association

ZTE has officially joined the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), so as to team up with the industrial partners to promote high quality smart smart Internet of Vehicles products and services to meet the demands of various clients.

Founded in September 2016, 5GAA is a global cross-industry association of the telecommunications and automotive sectors.The mission of the association is to develop, test and promote communications solutions and applications needed by smart Internet of Vehicles and smart transportation, including the support of standardization, exploration of commercial opportunity and global market expansion. The members of the association include automotive manufacturers, telecom operators, telecom infrastructure providers, communication chips suppliers, automotive parts suppliers and other member of the ecosystem for the smart Internet of Vehicles.

As a leading global comprehensive communications solution provider, ZTE is committed to building a secure, open and shared terminal-pipe-cloud service platform. ZTE offers not only on-board front-loading communication products such as standardized communication chip, 4G multi-mode modules and T-BOX, but the after-loading terminal equipment, including OBD and Wi-Fi hotspot.

ZTE also provides a secure, efficient and ubiquitous wireless connections and an operating system platform offering on-board service, so as to satisfy all the requirements of smart Internet of Vehicles in security, control and information needs.  ZTE has also accumulated extensive experience in the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) field, with related products and solutions covering traffic control, transportation management, electronic toll collection and information service. ZTE has launched the Global IoT Alliance (GIA). As a subsidiary ecosystem of GIA, the Internet of Vehicles has attracted many industrial partners to actively participate in it.

The high-speed 4G mobile network has provided a good supporting platform for the smart Internet of Vehicles. 5G adds URLLC and mMTC capacities to eMBB which supports broad coverage and high velocity. The coming 5G era will provide a broader and more feasible development space for the Internet of Things. ZTE believes that the smart Internet of Vehicle needs to be established on the basis of 4G. The technology and solutions should evolve to 5G technology based on 4G network. In this course, the gap and potential demand should be recognized. ZTE will gradually realize all the businesses and services of the Internet of Vehicles, such as Telematics, transportation efficiency and active security.

“ZTE is very glad to join the 5G Automotive Association. ZTE is deploying comprehensively in 5G key technologies and focusing on core technologies. It has achieved great breakthrough in channel coding, new multiple access, large-scale antenna, network virtualization and section. All of these will bring a brand new experience for the application of the smart Internet of Vehicles,” said Dr Bai Gang, general manager of 5G Product at ZTE. “As the enabler of M-ICT, ZTE is willing to make more contribution to the smart Internet of Vehicles with partners, pushing the global cross-industry collaboration.”

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