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American Sugar Refining Inc is a large cane sugar refining company

American Sugar Refining, Inc. is a large cane sugar refining company, with a production capacity of 6.5 million tons of sugar. The company produces a full line of consumer, industrial, food service, and specialty sweetener products. In 2013, it adopted the corporate brand name ASR Group. Its ownership structure is based on a partnership which includes the Fanjul brothers, and is based in Florida.

Across North America, American Sugar Refining owns and operates six sugar refineries as well as specialty sweetener production facilities and a strategic warehousing and distribution system that combine to provide seamless production and delivery of its products to customers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

American Sugar Refining, Inc. acquired Domino Sugar in 2001, the California and Hawaiian Sugar Company (C&H Sugar) in 2005, Redpath Sugarin 2007, and Tate & Lyle's European sugar operations in 2010.

In the European Union, the company owns and operates sugar refineries in England and Portugal, formerly owned by Tate & Lyle. The company’s products are sold through a brand portfolio that includes the premier sugar brands Domino, C&H, Florida Crystals, Redpath, and Tate & Lyle.

The company is also the majority shareholder of Belize Sugar Industries, the only sugar mill in Belize.

American Sugar Refining is owned by Florida Crystals Corporation (based in West Palm Beach) and the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida (Belle Glade, Florida).

The main competitor in the USA for refined cane sugar is Imperial Sugar.



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