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Progress is being made towards the Science Park in Milan

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Progress is being made towards the Science Park in Milan. Science & Technology World Website

A restricted tendering has been launched on the site of Arexpo with a view to selecting the technical, economic and financial advisory service contractor to support Arexpo S.p.A. in elaborating the Masterplan with specific reference to the "Urban Regeneration" of the entire ex-Expo Milano 2015 Area (around 1,000,000 square meters). 

The text of the call for the tender will be published in full also in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and of the European Union. The "Science, Knowledge and Innovation Park" will include a Human Technopole and the Campus of the scientific faculties of the University of Milan

The project is set to include a 440,000 sqm park. Arexpo S.p.A. intends to select an economic operator to establish a partnership pursuing the regeneration of the area through a procurement contract and a concession agreement. The call for tender is organized into two phases. 

Phase 1 will entail the technical, economic and financial advisory activities aimed at defining the Masterplan to regenerate the entire area spanning over 1,000,000 square metres, as well as the development of the Business Plan of the overall project. Phase 2 will see the carrying out of the activities associated with the implementation of the Master Plan and Business Plan, entailing also the designing and building of the area's facilities and the management of the area. To this end a concession contract with a maximum duration of 50 years will be finalised and a lease will be paid to Arexpo Spa for the portion of the area which is not reserved to the company. 

The contract will grant the licensee a surface right for a Gross Floor Area of at least 250,000 sqm. The call for tender is addressed to national and international companies, with previous experiences in similar projects and in any case with a background of works with equivalent levels of complexity, innovation and urban and architectonic quality. 

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