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Panasonic unveils $2,000 Lumix GH5 that can capture 6K photos

Panasonic unveils $2,000 Lumix GH5 that can capture 6K photos Science & Technology World Website

Panasonic has finally revealed its much-awaited mirrorless camera, the Lumix GH5.

The dust, splash, and freeze-proof camera, capable of shooting 4K video and 6K photo, was just one of many new products unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas today.

The firm also teased a glimpse at a new advanced speaker system with increased connectivity, the SL- 1200GR turntable, and a countertop induction oven they say could ‘make a gourmet chef out of anyone,’ along with some of its automotive plans.

It comes as the firm announced it is officially beginning production of high energy density lithium ion batteries at the Tesla ‘gigafactory’ in Reno, Nevada.

Panasonic’s flagship Lumix Gh5 camera can capture 4K 60p/50p video, and 6K photo at 30fps.

According to the firm, it increases the pixel count from the previous model by 25 percent, thanks to its new Digital Live MOS Sensor, bringing it up to 20.3 megapixels.

Panasonic unveils $2,000 Lumix GH5 that can capture 6K photos Science & Technology World Website

It’s also equipped with the Venus Engine and Multi-pixel Luminance Generation for sharper images.

And, it has Intelligent Detail Processing, which analyses every single pixel in the image.

Panasonic is calling it the world’s first DSLM camera that meets a professional standard – and, the $2,000 device is set to come in March.

The firm also revealed a trio of home entertainment devices: the SL-1200GR turntable, the Technics SB-G90 speaker, and the SU-G700 integrated amplifier.

These are set to work together to enhance the entertainment experience.

The amplifier can accommodate more choices of connectivity, Head of consumer products Michael Moskowitz explained at the Las Vegas press conference.

And, it even comes with a built in headphone amplifier.

The firm teased its plans for the future of connected and autonomous vehicle as well.

The new Fiat Crysler Portal, unveiled yesterday, uses the new Panasonic system with Android IVI and the integration of ‘infotainment.’

The cloud based software can even learn the occupants’ preferences to make a more personalized experience.

And, it’s equipped with facial recognition that can be used for authentication.

The firm also revealed a glimpse at a pod-like concept autonomous car that could feature digital projections and ‘numerous consumer electronic features.’

Panasonic’s smart technology is also set to come to the kitchen.

Panasonic gave a glimpse at its Countertop Induction Oven, a ‘revolutionary cooking appliance that will transform home cooking.’

It uses dual infrared heating to ‘take the guess work out of cooking.’

According to the firm, it even has an option for ‘one pan’ meals – allowing a person to cook steak, vegetables, and potatoes, all at the same time.



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