The VR simulator that could turn you into a SUPERHERO

A virtual reality exoskeleton could soon allow you to ‘explore breathtaking universes’ without ever leaving your home.

The Hypersuit, demonstrated at the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas on Tuesday, is a full-body immersive VR simulator that relies on arm movements to control the user’s ‘flight.’

It allows for a number of different experiences, from astronaut to deep-sea diver, and even has a fan blowing at different air speeds depending on the virtual setting.

According to the French firm, it’s mostly intended for entertainment and gaming purposes.

But, it could even one day be used for military training or physical therapy.

‘It enables you to do everything you want with your arms, so you can become Iron man or a diver, depending on the thing you are going to have in the mask,’ Gregoire Arcache told

It’s linked to the movement of your arm, Arcache explained, so, if your arm moves to the right, your whole body will do the same in the virtual setting.

The Hypersuit combines a movable exoskeleton platform, which the user lies face-down on, with a virtual reality headset.

A demonstration of the technology at CES Unveiled using the HTC Vive showed how the user’s movements in real life controlled those of the character on the screen.

According to the firm, it’s the ‘safest way to experience the extreme.’

The platform’s moveable arms were designed to accurately capture human gestures.

There are several different simulations a user can experience, including Cosmonaut, Base Jump, Super Hero, Flying Suit, and Grand Aigle.

And, it isn’t just for fun.

While the firm couldn’t give too many details on its possible military applications, they told this technology could be used for wingsuit training in the army.

‘Basically, it’s a training,’ Arcache told 

‘You can know more how to react and interact with the environment.’ 


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