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The smartphone-connected airbag VEST for motorcyclists can call for help

In&Motion has revealed a smart airbag-vest that could save lives after a motorcycle crash.

The vest, shown off at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, can quickly inflate upon impact, and even detects if the wearer has stopped moving to call in emergency rescuers.

It relies on a device known as the In&box as the ‘brain of the system,’ which uses sensors to anticipate crashes, and pick up on unrecoverable loss of balance.

‘It’s an airbag vest, that you wear below your motorcycle jacket,’ Pierre-Francois Tissot of the French startup told Dailymail.com

‘It calculates your movement so it is able to inflate the airbag when you crash or when you hit a car.’

The vest connects to the smartphone, and if you don’t move for three minutes after a detected impact, it will send a message out to ensure help is sent as quickly as possible.

A demonstration of the technology at CES Unveiled showed just how fast the airbag can inflate.

As the firm couldn’t replicate a real crash, they used a smartphone to enable to the feature.

With a loud popping sound, it burst into effect immediately.

According to the In&Motion team, the ‘brain’ of the system can analyse the data from the sensors to inflate the airbag vest in less than 100 milliseconds.

The vest zips up the front, making it easy to put on and remove, and has a foam back protector along the spine.

In&Motion has launched a campaign called the AirBag Revolution to get users involved with the product’s development, and 500 people who sign up will be selected to receive a vest this coming spring.

The motorcycle safety accessory comes after the firm’s previous design made for skiers.

‘Thanks to the experience acquired over the last years, we’ve already developed an alpha version of the airbag for motorcycles users,’ said CEO Rémi Thomas.

‘In the meantime, we’ve been working with several experts in order to endorse the proposed solution.

‘However, as for our previous projects, we really want to integrate ideas, comments or suggestions from our future users. The goal is to offer a product conceived for and by bikers.’ 



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