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ZTE launches the world's first Pre5G FDD Massive MIMO solution

ZTE has officially launched the first FDD-LTE-based Massive MIMO solution in the world, and accomplished the out-field validation in Quanzhou’s Innovation Base with China Unicom (Quanzhou). This solution is the achievement accumulated and innovated by ZTE based on Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO solution. This solution has successfully introduced Massive MIMO technology to FDD-LTE network, so as to adapt itself to more than 85% of the FDD-LTE network globally, which improves the commercial value of Massive MIMO technology greatly and helps operators to multiply the network capacity based on the existing spectrum resource.

With the field tests, Pre5G FDD Massive MIMO solution can efficiently improve the handling capacity by more than three times. Massive MIMO is one of the most important technologies of 5G network, as well as the core technology of the Pre5G solution provided to operators by ZTE so as to introduce 5G technology into 4G network in advance. As a new generation of innovative landmark solution of ZTE’s Pre5G, FDD Massive MIMO is compatible with the existing devices, which accelerates the shipment schedule maximally. It speeds up the network in the current spectrum condition, making terminal clients enjoy the extreme broadband experience without the need to replace their mobile phones.

ZTE took the initiative to launch TDD-based Massive MIMO product in 2014, which was awarded “the best mobile technology breakthrough” and “the choice of CTO”. Inheriting the outstanding features of the last generation, FDD Massive MIMO has broken through the technical bottleneck in FDD, realizing efficient space division. Compared with other measures to improve the network capacity and user experience, FDD Massive MIMO has less requirements on operators’ spectrum resource and is independent of terminal support capacity, which is a powerful engine for the acceleration of the new generation of network.

Currently, ZTE has negotiated with a number of clients domestic and abroad on the cooperation of FDD Massive MIMO, which will be commercialized in 2017. 

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