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The FNDN Heated Scarf is more than a swath of fabric

The FNDN Heated Scarf is more than a swath of fabric Science & Technology World Website

When it’s bitingly cold outside, you want to wear as many layers as possible to keep warm. The problem therein lies with having to find space to store your multitude of extra clothing when you’re at work or a gathering. We don’t always have the convenience of being able to stash our stuff away, which makes us want to wear less, but also not chance getting a cold from exposure to the freezing temperatures.

While wearing your thickest jacket in tandem with several layers of socks and sweaters will normally suffice, if it gets too cold, all of that will be the bare minimum. Instead of burying yourself in even more fabric, why not get clothing that comes with heating? This FNDN Heated Scarf is much like the FlexWarm jacket we looked at before, but in a smaller package. This is made of polyester micro-fleece, and has a heating element that is 32” long by 8.5” wide.

The heating is around the neck area, and has three settings of low, medium, and high, which should keep you toasty in chilly conditions. The heat will work constantly for up to 4.5 hours, which should hopefully cover the amount of time you have to spend out in freezing temperatures during any given day. This has a pull-through loop to help cinch the scarf in place, and comes with a rechargeable 7V li-ion battery. This will cost you $129.95, available only in black, and can handle spot cleaning, but not much else.



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