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Simmtronics Semiconductor Ltd. is an Indian privately company

Simmtronics Semiconductor Ltd. is an Indian privately held, multinational computer technology company that develops, manufactures, sells and supports - Memory Module, Motherboard, Tablet PC, Simmbook, Low cost PC and other computer related parts.

Simmtronics also processes, tests and resells under its label hard disk drives originally manufactured by suppliers such as Western Digital, Seagate, etc.

The company was originally founded in Delhi, India in 1992 by Indrajit Sabharwal, Managing Director. Simmtronics is widely known for its Memory Module.

The headquarters is in Delhi, India, and has 4 manufacturing facilities in Roorkee, Bhiwadi (India), Singapore and Dubai,(U.A.E.).

Simmtronics have a sales and subsidiary offices in Algeria, France, Mauritius, Macedonia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A, Vietnam and U.A.E.



ICP:09019593 Network Management No:20110200020

Operation license of appreciation telecom service:B-2-4-20100139

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