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Wizitup e-Learning platform introduced in Nigeria

Wizitup e-Learning platform introduced in Nigeria Science & Technology World Website

Vericore Technologies Limited launched Wizitup, a learning platform for students and teachers. The platform is suitable for classroom use, as a solution for teachers and as a School Information and Administrative System (SIAS). It uses different methodologies that meet the needs of all students irrespective of their learning style.

According to TechCable the launch of the platform is part of Vericore’s numerous software solutions aimed at digital education. The platform launch took place at the Lagos International Trade Fair Business-to-Business Exhibition held early this month.

TechCable reports that Wizitup uses digital tools for self-learning and classroom teaching among other things. Currently available to primary schools the platform comes with a Wizpad, a ready-to-learn tablet supplied by Vericore Technologies. The tablet is preloaded with contents for Primary and Secondary Schools. Content in the tablet are developed with the Nigerian, British and American curricula, so students can relate to those taught in classrooms by their teachers and cover their examination syllabi easily. There are parent control features that allow parents to monitor children’s internet use.

The Wizitup In-Classroom Solution is a teacher’s resources and teaching aid software. Available resources include simulations, illustrations, e-books and lesson plans that teachers can employ as teaching tools. In-classroom enriches teacher’s presentation with the use of versatile illustrations, animations, simulation and well written textbooks options. The built-in contents are grouped within the application according to subjects and topics.

Their School Information and Administrative System (SIAS) combines learning management and school management systems.It consists of Administrative, Academic, Learning Management System (LMS), Forum and Messaging platforms. The software also provides a communication platform interconnecting students, teachers, and parents. It can be set up online or locally within the school environment and users can access the platform without the internet in the school environment. It simplifies school management and administration.

According to the TechCable report it took two years to design the platform and the development was based on extensive research of teaching and learning patterns of teachers and students respectively.

ZAOU partners eLearnAfrica to extend learning throughout Africa

Wizitup e-Learning platform introduced in Nigeria Science & Technology World Website

The Zambian Open University (ZAOU) announced its courses and degree programs will be available on eLearnAfrica, further extending the university’s reach into the country and across the continent. eLearnAfrica.com is a newly launched mobile application and portal offering trusted sources of open education for Africans. The site has seen over 385,000 visitors since its launch.

ZAOU is the first Open University in Zambia to actively empower thousands of Africans with easy access to world-class tuition by offering distance and face to face degree programs in Agricultural Sciences, Law, Education and more on the eLearnAfrica platform. The university has over 3,000 students in 2016 and expects this to increase by 50% by joining the eLearnAfrica platform.

The ever-growing demand for higher education in Zambia is far from being satisfied. With more than 50,000 pupils about to complete secondary school this year, the influx of hopeful students has grown beyond the capacity of historical higher learning resources.

eLearnAfrica is a web portal built to assist African students and professionals search and access the best distance learning educational courses, online degrees and professional certifications from trusted sources around the world.

“eLearn Africa’s mission is to make learning opportunities available to everyone,” says eLearnAfrica CEO, Brook Negussie. “We understand that it’s challenging to find trusted content on the internet if you aren’t sure what you are searching for. Our platform was created to help Africans find courses, degree programmes and vocational skills courses for all educational levels from trusted third-party providers.

“It’s great that we are able to offer African content to students throughout the continent. We also help collaboratively create content by providing rich analysis and data to Universities and academic institutions on the portal for them to best meet the demands of their prospective learners, adds Negussie.

eLearnAfrica has partnered with leading online course providers, from some of the best universities in the world. ZAOU, the first Open University in Zambia, now takes pride of place alongside edX, the Open University founded by Harvard University and MIT on the ground-breaking portal and mobile app. edX offers hundreds of courses from the world’s top institutions, such as top-ranked Wharton Business School, the University of California, Berkeley and more.

Professor Olusegun Adedayo Yerokun Acting Vice Chancellor of ZAOU, commented: “Our collaboration with eLearnAfrica will ensure more extensive access to our comprehensive courses and degree programs for the sustainable development of human capital in Zambia and beyond.

“We realized when we enrolled our first students in 2005 that demand could not be met through traditional methods of education. However, education can be brought to doorsteps, and now handsets, through new, flexible methods and approaches. We look forward to being able to distribute our best content throughout Africa on eLearnAfrica.”

eLearn Africa encourages African universities to join this important initiative, so that their best programs can be made available online to students throughout the continent.

Kenya: Primary School Gets E-Learning Library from Samsung

Wizitup e-Learning platform introduced in Nigeria Science & Technology World Website

Pupils from Thika Primary School in Kiambu County are set to benefit from a new library refurbished and equipped by Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The school, which was selected with the assistance of the Municipality of Thika Education office, has a population of over 600 pupils and 23 teachers and will be the first to benefit from the project that will see more children exposed to e-learning while still in primary school.

The newly renovated library will be able to accommodate up to 30 pupils at once, and has been equipped with books and Samsung Galaxy Tabs equipped with curriculum-compliant e-books which will help build their language skills both in English and Kiswahili.

Speaking when he presented the facility to the school, Samsung East and Central Africa Head of Corporate Marketing Patricia King'ori said the project was in line with Samsung's commitment to improving the lives of the communities it operates in, having identified quality education as one of the pillars of sustainable development.

"We are pleased to have secured an opportunity to work with Thika Primary School and education officials in Kiambu County to contribute towards improving the quality of education and access to learning materials for young students," said Ms King'ori.

"The handover of this facility is proof of our commitment to improving the standards of education for school-going children in Kenya, and is especially timely going by government efforts to work closely with private sector partners to support e-learning in primary schools."

Working in partnership with the school, Samsung divided the library into two sections: one with over 2,500 books and the other with digital learning stations where students can sit and read from the 10.1 inch Samsung Android tablets.

"We are grateful to Samsung for this library, which will play a significant role in exposing our students to learning technology, while at the same time allowing our teachers to use this technology to enhance e-learning, which we have found greatly improves learners' retention by incorporating visual learning aids," said John Kiarie, the school's Headmaster. "Our previous library was located in the Deputy Head Teacher's office and in addition to being poorly equipped was inaccessible to pupils, so we're optimistic that this will encourage more of them to use the facility."

To complete the project Samsung enlisted the help of its employees to collect books and raise money to furnish the library as part of a volunteer programme carried out every October - which Samsung marks as Employee Volunteer Month - to encourage staff to uplift and empower communities.



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