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Stanwell Corporation is a diversified energy company

Stanwell Corporation is a diversified energy company Science & Technology World Website

Stanwell Corporation is a Queensland government-owned corporation and is the state's largest electricity generator.

Stanwell Corporation is a diversified energy company with a range or electricity generation assets: thermal coal, gas and hydroelectric, and fuel assets. These are geographically dispersed across Queensland and together generate more than 4,000 megawatts of electricity.

The business employs approximately 800 people across its various sites in Queensland.

Windy Hill Wind Farm in Queensland and Toora Wind Farm in Victoria were owned by Stanwell but were sold to Transfield Services in 2007. The company also subsequently sold Emu Downs Wind Farm in Western Australia.

Following a review by the Treasurer of Queensland of the state’s electricity sector in 2010, Tarong Energy became a wholly owned subsidiary of Stanwell Corporation on 1 July 2011.



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