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Apple's iOS Support app comes to the US

  • Bycnet2016-12-15 10:07:47

Apple's iOS Support app comes to the US. Science & Technology World Website

iPhone users: it just got a little easier to handle problems with your phone.

Apple has launched a standalone app so people who use iPhones and other iOS devices can keep track of and maintain their gadgets.

The app, which Apple previously launched in the Netherlands and Italy, is now available in the US. Apple will roll the app out to more countries that have Apple Stores in the coming weeks.

You can use the app to call, chat or email with an Apple support member or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store. You can also find articles on several help topics like battery charging or iTunes billing, or try to find an apple dealer to fix damaged devices.

Apple already has an iOS Tips app, but this one goes further in helping connect users to customer support.



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