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Rizobacter, a leader of microbiological products in the international mark

Rizobacter, a leader of microbiological products in the international mark. Science & Technology World Website

Rizobacter is a company which started in the city of Pergamino, province of Buenos Aires. It is present in the market since 1977 and nowadays it is positioned as a leading company in research and development of microbiological products applied to agricultural activities. Besides its head office, it has two subsidiaries: “Rizobacter do Brasil” and “Rizobacter del Paraguay”, but its commercial presence reaches more than 20 countries all over the world and a strong international growth is projected.

The origin of its activity lies on dealing with living organisms that, in symbiosis with plants, develop a relation that strengthens crops, optimizing results. The considerable increase in yield and in the care for the environment due to the use of inputs has been widely demonstrated.

The world needs to produce larger amounts of high level protein food to keep up with the demand to feed a fast growing population. So Rizobacter can proudly state that is fulfilling its entrepreneurial vision and mission.

Mission: to work with high value-added products, state-of-the-art technology, high quality levels, either through our own means or through strategic partnerships to deliver products and bring solutions to the national and global agricultural markets.

Vision: to be leaders in research, development, production and marketing of microbiological products for seed treatment, applied to agriculture.

Its portfolio of products consists of inoculants, seed therapics, biofertilizers, adjuvants and fertilizers for agricultural use, micronutrients, forage seed coating, pest control baits and insecticides for the control in stored grains.

The future of the agricultural production, the growing demand for food, and the care for the environment are problems that call for special attention in the company’s work. Bringing more life to the country is the very essence because each one of the products of Rizobacter is aimed to take care of and to empower the shelf life of seeds. As a consequence, the company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.



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