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Delta Electricity is an electricity generation company

Delta Electricity is an electricity generation company Science & Technology World Website

Delta Electricity is an electricity generation company in Australia that is owned by theGovernment of New South Wales, and has a portfolio of generating sites mainly using thermal coalpower.

Delta Electricity is established pursuant to the State Owned Corporations Act, 1989 (NSW) and the Energy Services Corporation Act, 1995 (NSW).

As the Keneally Labor government moved to privatise components of the electricity industry in New South Wales including the electricity trading rights of Delta Electricity, on 14 December 2010 four of the five Directors of Delta (including the Chairman) suddenly stood down in protest over the sale. On 28 February 2011, at the direction of the New South Wales Government, the newly constituted Board of Delta entered into contracts with energy retailer, TRUenergy, for the supply of electricity under Generation Trading Agreements from the Mt Piper and Wallerwang power stations. A subsequent NSW Parliamentary Inquiry was held; however the Directors of Delta who resigned refused to give evidence before the Inquiry unless guarantees of parliamentary privilege would be given by the Government. Keneally refused to provides guarantees and, according to the Inquiry Chairman, the Government stymied the Inquiry's ability to uncover the facts as to the resignation of the directors. In May 2012 legislation was passed in the NSW Parliament to sell the State-owned generators. In September 2013 Mt Piper Power Station and Wallerawang Power Station near Lithgow in NSW were sold to Energy Australia.



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