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Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias is a transportation company

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Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias, is a transportation company with interests in private interstate highway concessions, airport operations, metro system in Brazil and other countries. The Company controls 9 subsidiary concession holders, through which it works a public-private business model for the operation of toll-roads, aiming to centralize the management of a portfolio of toll concessions and service companies.

The Company operates approximately 2.440 kilometers of toll-roads. Its portfolio includes six toll concessions: AutoBAn, NovaDutra, Ponte Rio-Niteroi, Rodonorte, ViaOeste and Via Lagos. CCR is owned by, Camargo Corrêa (17.00%), Andrade Gutierrez (17.00%) and Soares Penido (17.22%) and Free Float (48.78%). The Company's centralized services are Actua, Engelog, Parques Servicios and STP offering administrative centers, logistics and engineering, traffic control and monitoring, and electronic toll-charging systems, respectively.

Currently the company is the largest highways operator in Latin America and through its subsidiary ViaQuatro operates the Line 4 -Yellow of São Paulo metro, CCR also operates theSalvador Metro. CCR also operates the vehicle inspection company Controlar. The CCR's main competitors are Ecorodovias, Triunfo and Arteris.



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