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Baidu will test its self-driving technology in Wuzhen

Baidu will test its self-driving technology in Wuzhen Science & Technology World Website

It is reported that Chinese Internet giant Baidu has been striving to keep up with Google in the development of self-driving car technology. Since it launched its driverless car in August, it has been looking for opportunities to do more street tests.

In September, Baidu received the approval from the California Department of Motor Vehicles for the trial of its self-driving car in this state. This approval gives Baidu the right to test its self-driving cars with unique traffic rules and roads of the US. But California is not the first city to receive the public tests. Wuzhen, one of China’s popular tourist cities, will also receive this honor. These tests are conducted with the cars provided by BYD, Chery and BAIC.

The initial test was conducted on the controlled road. The initial test transported 200 people, traveling 3.16km. Baidu’s cars are equipped with familiar self-driving systems: LiDar, video cameras, radar, and a powerful on-board computer, which could calculate the information gathered in real time.

The test result: a self-driving vehicle with the speed of 60 kilometers per hour could turn, respond and be controlled, which was consistent with the autonomous cars of other companies.

In the next five years, the major car manufacturers including Toyota, Ford, and other brands hope to keep up with Tesla to realize the self-driving Autopilot system.

It takes a long time to see more self-driving cars on the open roads. Having more technology companies focusing on the technologies required to make this vision a reality will undoubtedly make this happen sooner.

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