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Motiv’s All-Electric Powertrain uses an innovative architecture that is scalable and modular, which allows us to use the same core components in vehicles ranging from a Type A School Bus to a Class 8 Refuse Truck. Our ruggedized automotive grade power electronics allow us to independently manage off the shelf commercial battery packs, electric motors, and auxiliary systems on any commercial chassis which is unmatched in flexibility.

Our software modules allow us to remotely provide system upgrades, diagnostics, and schedule preventative maintenance. The combined effect of these components is a future-proof design which can integrate new battery packs, motors, and accessories on different new chassis’.

We have proved the flexibility of this system by running two battery chemistries on the same vehicle, something no other technology provider has done. Applications using the Motiv All-Electric Powertrain include zero-emission school buses, shuttle buses, delivery trucks, work trucks, and even a refuse truck.



Transportation exhaust is one of the nation’s most pervasive sources of toxic air pollution. Diesel exhaust is some of the worst, and in the past diesel trucks and buses have been the most difficult to electrify. The sheer weight of many trucks has historically made developing EV options for the nation’s fleets an arduous process. But at Motiv, we thrive on tough complicated problems, especially ones that have the potential to improve the lives of generations to come.


America’s eight million fossil fueled buses and trucks on the road today emit a wide variety of pollutants. The EPA estimates that diesel exhaust from all sources leads to “21,000 premature deaths each year and create(s) a cancer risk that is seven times greater than the combined risk of all 181 other air toxins tracked by the EPA.” Most recently, scientists have learned that the oxidation of soot particles in the atmosphere can increase the toxicity of soot in the lungs. For more watch this short video, The Secret Life of Soot.


Approximately a third of these eight million fossil fueled trucks and buses in the US are ideal for electrification. These vehicles drive planned local routes less than 100 miles a day with a lot of starts and stops and park in a depot at night, which typically have the infrastructure necessary for charging the vehicles. These vehicles range from shuttle buses and delivery trucks, to school buses, garbage trucks and municipal fleet work trucks, just to name a few.

Today, fleets face many elements pushing them towards alternative fuels, including emissions regulations, oil dependence and price volatility, national security, and growing public opinion on environmental concerns. The thousands of electric trucks already on the road, show EVs are an economically and environmentally responsible solution for a variety of transportation needs. Motiv is uniquely positioned to push this trend forward.

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