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Education Providers Must up Game on Foreign Students

  • ByScoop2016-12-02 10:52:42

“While New Zealand’s international education reputation remains strong, 2016 was something of an ‘annus horribilis’ for foreign students with failed institutions, sub-standard qualifications and fraudulent immigration agents,” says David Woodnorth, Managing Director of ComplyWith.

Mr Woodnorth says a new Code of Practice for international education providers that came into force on 1 July 2016 will help repair and enhance New Zealand’s education brand internationally, if our tertiary education leaders can respond adequately to it.

“The code is considerably more prescriptive than its predecessors and has a greater focus on ensuring signatories actually comply with the Code, which has serious implications for managers and governors of tertiary education organisations.”

ComplyWith have published a guide called An Educated Guess? Why assuming organisational compliance is all OK has become a lot riskier for leaders of TEOs, which offers advice on how to respond to the new Pastoral Care Code and other regulatory changes relevant to the sector.

Mr Woodnorth said for New Zealand TEOs that meant that their governors and leaders must now proactively ensure in a systematic and effective way that good legal compliance is actually happening. “A systemised approach to managing TEO compliance will make life much easier for management teams”

“At the heart of this approach is ensuring that the people know what they need to know so that they can play their part in ensuring the TEO complies with its obligations and duties.”



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