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Taiwan and India shine at 13th World Robotic Championship

Taiwan and India shine at 13th World Robotic Championship Science & Technology World Website

Innovative robotic solutions and prototypes were seen at the 13th World Robotic Olympiad held in Indian capital Delhi. Over 450 participants from 51 countries competed in various age groups ranging from 9-25 years. The event was organized by the National Council of Science Museums (MCSM) in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and India STEM foundation (ISF).

Taiwanese team “Wings of Storm” grabbed the first prize for their two soccer-playing robots – a breadbox-sized goalie and a kicker. Indian team “High Voltage” managed to win silver medal in the junior category.

“We have been practicing since primary school. We never in our lives could think that we would win the world championship,” said 15-years-old Liaw Jia-wun and his teammate. The event showcased several innovative robotic solutions for problems like recycling. There were bots that could take down all the pins throwing balls. In higher age groups, students displayed surprising use of computer programming in robotics.

Taiwan and India shine at 13th World Robotic Championship Science & Technology World Website

The coach of the Canadian team, Dominic Bruneau, believes in teaching students computer programming as robotics moves beyond factory applications and is entering into our daily lives.

“More and more, we will be interacting with robots’. The student engineers are not just working on theory but are doing practical work of building real stuff and trying to solve problems,’ ‘he said.

“The WRO holds a dear place in our hearts. I wish to point out the important role of robotics in the context of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. “Applying STEM knowledge in forming concrete solutions, all the while thinking creatively and critically, with the ability to communicate and collaborate with others is the essence of WRO,” said Law King Hui, Chair of the WRO Advisory Committee.



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