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Refurbished 256GB 12.9" Apple iPad Pro Cyber Monday deal saves you a penny

The 12.9" Apple iPad Pro is more than just a regular tablet: it's a true productivity machine aimed as much at the regular user as to the professionals that do media work.

This Cyber Monday, you get what's one of the lowest prices for the 12.9" iPad Pro: a refurbished 256GB Wi-Fi only version is on sale for just $650. This compares to an original price of $1,000 for a brand new equivalent, which saves you a solid $350. Do keep in mind that a refurbished product is brought to a mint condition, but is not brand new. Those are usually products that have been used for some time and returned for some reason.

We've tested the larger iPad Pro when it came out and found that it has a well-balanced display with great colors, it features fast and fluid performance, and it's a great tool for painters, especially in a combination with the Apple Pencil.

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