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Amazon debuts Black Friday 2016 tablet sales

Amazon debuts Black Friday 2016 tablet sales. Science & Technology World

Amazon has kicked off its Black Friday 2016 tablet promotion, meaning that now is the time to get your hands on an affordable tablet. The prices range from $33 to $83 depending on the exact model and the bundled accessories.
The entry-level 7" Amazon Fire Tablet is up for grabs at $33. That's $16.66 (33%) down compared to the usual retail price of $49.99. While the 7" Amazon Fire Tablet is definitely not a tablet that mobile hardware fans can get excited about, the slab does integrate the basic features that most customers need from a basic tablet. You won't be using the 7-inch Fire for any productivity tasks but the device is well-equipped for basic tasks such as light video consumption and web browsing. 

The $33.33 price tag is good for the version with 8GB of integrated storage. If you're looking for some protection, Amazon sells the 8GB model in a bundle with a case and a screen protector at $51. The 16GB version is currently priced at $53.33, 24% down from its usual price of $69.99. 

For a better overall experience, you may want to get the Amazon Fire HD 8. Usually priced at $90, the tablet currently goes for just $60. Some of the upgrades that the Fire HD 8 brings over the cheaper 7" Fire include a larger and crisper display, better speakers, and better battery life. Also, the Fire HD 8 comes with 16GB of integrated storage space at this price. You can bundle the HD 8 with a screen protector and a case for $83, which isn't a bad deal overall.



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