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Black Friday’s Best Deal Is 76% Off the Revolutionary Lytro Illum Camera

Black Friday’s Best Deal Is 76% Off the Revolutionary Lytro Illum Camera Science & Technology World Website

Since the dawn of photography, cameras have recorded the world in 2D. The Lytro Illum is the first camera to capture the entire lightfield, meaning you can change the focus and perspective after the fact.

Today's epic Black Friday sale features the Illum bundled with essential accessories at 76% off MSRP.

The Illum works by recording both the angle and intensity of incoming light. The camera is then able to reconstruct the world in three dimensions. The viewer can explore these "living pictures" by changing the perspective and switching the focal point. It provides new creative opportunities, and means you never need to worry about missing a shot.

With an 8x zoom lens and multiple auto and manual exposure modes, the Illum offers the same functionality as a DSLR. You compose images on the 4-inch backlit touchscreen, choosing between Light Field format and regular 2D images. The camera also has Wi-Fi connectivity, while the accessory pack includes a lens hood, a quick charger, a shoulder strap, and an ND8 neutral density filter.

Normally worth $1499.96, this amazing photography pack is now just $349.99 with free US shipping.



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