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The company TOP GAS S.A., was founded in 1995 by Paraskevas Tsengelidis. Our main activity is the distribution and generally the applications of liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG ). Our facilities are in Gefira, Thessaloniki in privately owned area with a capacity of 8 tanks. It is a family business and gas distribution is direct. 

The last years we import and merchandise LPG tanks, while recently we have been focusing to autogas equipment for vehicles, by trading throughout Greece the leading Italian BRC lpg systems, equipment, spare parts and LPG bottles also taking care of the installation in vehicles via authorized workshops, converting them into environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles, which operate with both petrol and liquefied petroleum gas. 

The company is distinguished by the persistence in quality, satisfying even the most demanding customers. We closely monitor the technological improvements not only in Greece but in a worldwide scale as well and organize specialized seminars for our customers and dealers both in Greece and abroad. The long experience in LPG has made TOP GAS valuable partner of the most demanding customers in today's highly competitive environment. 



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