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Wellcem, an oil service company

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Wellcem is an oil service company headquartered in Norway with branches located around the world.

Wellcem’s vision is to be a leading provider of technology for Plugging, Lost Circulation, Leak Stop, and Sand Consolidation in Oil and Gas Wells.

Wellcem has developed and patented ThermaSet®. ThermaSet® is a polymer based resin that is pumped downhole in a liquid state and with both time and temperature will transition into a hard set solid. Once in its cured state, its mechanical properties greatly exceed those of conventional systems making it ideal for the downhole environment.  Viscosity, curing time, and density can all be custom tailored to remediate the customer’s specific dilemma. The resilience of ThermaSet® combined with Wellcem’s proficiency in ‘Oil Well Therapy’ has enabled the success of over one hundred projects spanning across the globe. Read more on ThermaSet®

Wellcem’s main branch is located in Norway and is comprised of over 30 employees internationally operating around the world. The staff includes highly skilled mud/fluid engineers and Ph. D polymer chemists that utilize their experience and competence to create optimal solutions to the unique set of scenarios presented in each well.

Wellcem’s state of the art laboratory is located Norway and is heavily involved in both research and development projects as well as operational field support. Research and Development plays a key role in the company’s business model, where cooperative advances in ThermaSet® technology allow Wellcem to provide novel solutions to the customer’s current and future needs.

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