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Energy Tech 2016 - 2016 China International Energy Forum and Exhibition

Energy Tech 2016 - 2016 China International Energy Forum and Exhibition. Science & Technology World Website

Energy Tech 2016

2016 China International Energy Forum and Exhibition

As the leading platform of multi-sectors cooperation and energy industry in China, Energy Tech 2016 -  2016 China International Energy Forum and Exhibition will be staged on Nov.28-30, 2016 at China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing.

There will be three sections during Energy Tech 2016, they are emerging professional field; interdisciplinary exchanges and technical cooperation; cross-border cooperation between industries, coordinated development.

Last year, Energy Tech 2015 covered the total size was about 14,100 square meters, more than 300 companies and over 8,000 visitors participated. There were 29 meetings, more than 160 lectures, about 2,200 conferees attended Energy Tech 2015. The contents of Energy Tech 2015 included petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas, electrical appliances, new energy, energy conservation and environment protection, reproducing ect many industries.


Exhibits Scopes

Energy Internet Technology and Equipment

Energy internet system technology,smart grid and equipment,microgrid technology and equipment,distributed energy technology and equipment,energy router,the active power distribution equipment,internet things of technology and equipment,big data technology,new energy automobile, charging infrastructure and energy storage device etc.

Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen energypreparation, storage,refueling technology,fuel cell technology and equipment

General Machinery Equipment and Technology

Pump & Valve, pipeline,draught fan,compressor,materials,anticorrosion,NDT technology and equipment etc

Industrial Pollution Control Technology and Equipment

Wastewater treatment technology and equipment,atmospheric pollution control,municipal solid wastes disposal,noise and vibration control,soil remediation,environmental monitoring, comprehensive utilization of resources and environment emergency equipment and technology.

New Energy Technology and Equipment

Nuclear Energy: Nuclear technology and equipment,conventional island technology and equipment,nuclear power station construction equipment and technology

Wind Energy: Draught fan complete appliance,vane,gearbox,control system,grid connection and equipment etc

Solar Energy: EPC,silicon material,crystalline silicon cells and accessories,hull cell,materials(backboard,EVA,silica gel,glass,bracket,tracker device etc),PV manufacturing equipment,biodiesel,ethanol preparation technology and equipment,

Biodiesel power generation technology and equipment

Geothermal Energy: Ground source heat pump technology


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