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From Humble Beginnings to a Large Family of Customers

Our company was founded in 2008 under the name of Astrum Solar. As a full service solar provider, Astrum Solar’s mission was to spread solar power to the rooftops of America and to ensure that its customers get the most out of their solar panels—the most energy generated, the most electricity savings, the most beneficial environmental impact, and the most joy each time they see a sunny day.

Astrum Solar’s focus revolved around delighting the customer. Building on the belief that simplifying the process of going solar will be the key to its widespread adoption, Astrum Solar provided the industry’s premier customer experience. Creating memorable experiences for customers resulted in rapid growth of the company. Astrum Solar was a two-time member of the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the United States.

We Are Now Part of the Direct Energy Family

In July 2014, Astrum Solar became a proud part of the Direct Energy family, and on April 1, 2015 we renamed our brand to Direct Energy Solar. As part of the Direct Energy family with $16.2 billion in revenue in 2015, Direct Energy Solar will continue to provide the same premier customer service and be here to support your entire solar experience—before, during, and after your installation. Our company’s growth benefits you. Our deep relationships with the leading global manufacturers ensure that we can provide you with the best products and services available.

The Experience of Serving Millions of Homeowners

The Direct Energy family of companies has served nearly five million homeowners across North America for over 15 years. Direct Energy has become one of the largest home services providers on the continent by providing professional, affordable and high-quality energy products and home services to your neighbors and we would like to do the same for you. You can trust us with your solar installation and many other home services needs.

Our Business is Based on Your Referrals

Our entire focus is residential solar so we make the most of our one chance to work with you. With our commitment to providing each customer with the most positive experience possible, our customers have actually become our best ambassadors, referring thousands of friends and family to Direct Energy Solar. To that end, perhaps Frank Bohdal of Millersville, Maryland said it best, “My advice to anyone who wants to install solar panels: do your homework before you pick an installer. There’s a world of difference out there between solar companies.”

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