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Alibaba works with Intel to deploy artificial intelligence deeply

Alibaba works with Intel to deploy artificial intelligence deeply Science & Technology World Website

Brian Krazanich, CEO of Intel visited Alibaba once again. He exchanged his views with Alibaba’s CEO Zhang Yong and both of them reached a consensus. The both companies will launch a deep cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the future and will boost the strategic cooperation in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), and smart hardware and products.

On that day, Brian was invited to participate the “Tmall 11.11 Shopping Festival & Global Intelligence and Innovation Summit”. He went to Yun Town to visit the urban brain control center of Hangzhou by YunOS Internet car.

“Today all the things in the world are getting intelligent and intercommunicated. We are facing huge opportunity which can change daily life by technology innovation,” said Brian at the summit, “Intel and Alibaba will cooperate deeply in AI, IoT and other important fields to push the innovation of this world jointly.”

Alibaba works with Intel to deploy artificial intelligence deeply Science & Technology World Website

In the past half century, Intel was challenging the limit of computing capacity. In recent years, it even speeds up the deployment of artificial intelligence field. The company released the powerful processor Xeon Phi four years ago and launched several acquisitions. In August 2016, Intel acquired the deep learning company Nervana at 400 million dollars, which was taken as the signal that Intel wanted to reinforce the deployment in this field.

Originating from e-commerce, Alibaba is devoted to becoming the commerce infrastructure of the whole society. The advanced technologies like AI will be an important engine to achieve this great goal. The “urban data brain” developed by Aliyun jointly with Hangzhou city in the beginning of 2016 abates the traffic jam with AI. Cainiao, which plans the routes with algorithm, helps the postmen to improve the delivery efficiency. Ali Loan of Ant Financial can assess the credit with big data in real time and issue the loan in only one second after application.

Alibaba’s “e-commerce brain” deployed three years ago could make real-time decision for trillions of relations in seconds, which provides personalized experience for 400 million of consumers. In June, Alibaba released officially the robot operating system, YunOS for Robot. Pepper, the first robot running YunOS attracted people’s attention.

“In the past years, the cooperation of Alibaba and Intel had made great achievements in many fields, such as cloud computing and operating system. In the future, the both parties will launch deeper cooperation in artificial intelligence, robotics and other fundamental researches, providing services for more enterprises jointly,” said Zhang Yong.

As the innovative representatives of China and the US respectively, the comprehensive cooperation of both companies in AI, machine learning, IoT and smart hardware products is worth anticipating. 

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