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Waterproof pants change as quickly as the weather

Cycling to work is good for your health and the planet, but being caught in an unexpected downpour and arriving at the office soaked to the core is no fun. A team from Denmark has created a pair of waterproof pants for cyclists that use a unique fastening system to make them faster to put on and take off ... 77.5 percent faster, to be precise.

From the outside, the Legs Jacket looks like any other pair of rain pants. There are two different versions available, one of which uses a regular waterproof material and another made of Sympatex. The team at Vear says the regular design is suitable for everyday cyclists and hikers, while the more expensive Sympatex pair are suitable for sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Where the Legs Jacket sets itself apart is with the full-length zippers running down both sides. Some rain pants have half, or even three-quarter length zips to make them easier to slide over shoes, but the Vear design completely unzips and allows the wearer to put them on without bending over or taking their shoes off.

The elastic waist section is fastened with velcro, and simply comes undone when it's time to take the pants off. As well as allowing people to take their pants faster – apparently up to 77.5 percent faster – this design allows them to be easily packed up into a compact pouch.

All the seams on the pants are taped and reinforced in crucial areas, like the knees and crotch. The zippers are all YKK, and the company says all the pockets are completely waterproof as well, so your phone and wallet won't be drenched on the way to work.

At the moment, Vear is seeking funding for the Legs Jacket on Kickstarter, where it has raised more than US$18,400 of its $22,000 initial goal with 44 days remaining. Pledges start at $5, but you'll need to lay down $99 for a pair of Standard Legs Jackets. Those keen to reserve a pair of higher-end Sympatex Legs Jackets will need to pledge at least $129.

Deliveries are expected to start in February 2017 if the crowdfunding campaign is successful, and retail prices are expected to start at around $150.



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