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INanoBio, a nano-biotechnology company based in Tempe Arizona

INanoBio, a nano-biotechnology company based in Tempe Arizona. Science & Technology World Website

INanoBio is a nano-biotechnology company based in Tempe Arizona, founded in 2007 to commercialize FDEC FET nano sensor technology invented at Arizona State University. The novel nano sensor technology is capable of exponential capacitive transduction for ultra high sensitivity molecular detection, coupled with exceptional selectivity. Our proprietary technology can be used in sensing of chemical and biological species with very low false positives and false negatives, for applications in health care diagnostics, industrial leak detection systems and security.

INanoBio is led by strong team of scientists, managers and eminent advisers. Currently we are adding new members to our team. We have recently been awarded a multiyear federal grant for developing one of our advanced sensor technology platforms.

Healthcare Diagnostics

Nano-bio technology is set to revolutionize our lives in much the same way electronics, ICs, and internet have in the past decades. With the advent of nanotechnology tools, researchers around the world have begun to unravel mysteries of the biological world with greater speed. Further to understanding their role in genetic and regulatory pathways, sensing the occurrence of specific biomarkers in body fluids can be used for early detection of various diseases, cancers. Sequencing the genome allows us to predict in advance an individuals susceptibility to disease. Reading genetic code of tumor cell will clue us on means to treat them. Point of care sensors, predictive diagnostics, eventually personalized diagnostics and prognostics are on the horizon. Along with nano enabled therapeutics these developments will revolutionize health care making it inexpensive, affordable and widely accessible, improving the overall quality of life.

Our mission is to spearhead development of health care diagnostics using our proprietary nano sensor platform (patents awarded & pending). We have developed a breakthrough nano-sensor architecture based on advanced FDEC field effect transistors, devices similar to those found in computer chips and mobile phones. Our novel nano sensor technology provides unsurpassed sensitivity along with superlative discrimination ability when detecting various molecular species.

One of our core strategies is to co-develop specific diagnostic applications by partnering with established Corporations that have strong domain expertise in medical devices and health care areas. We welcome proposals for joint development of diagnostics, initially for products that do not require FDA approval.


Fully Depleted Exponentially Coupled (FDEC) Field Effect Transistor (FET) nanowire sensors

We have invented an exponential nanosensor technology for chemical and biological sensing applications. This means in our nano sensor devices the detection signal is not diminished like in other sensor technologies, but is internally amplified by our device up to an order of magnitude owing to a unique capacitive coupling we discovered.

Furthermore this unique nano-scale phenomena results in very high specificity of signal transduction for low false positives and low false negatives. As a result our device is capable of ultra high sensitivity molecular detection coupled with exceptional selectivity. The technology, termed Fully Depleted Exponentially Coupled (FDEC) Field Effect Transistor (FET) nanowire sensors, is superior to other sensor technologies presently available.

We expect our Exponential nanosensor technology to have a disruptive effect in certain niche fields of application, while are prospective of creating new markets in futuristic applications of in vivo implantable devices and in vitro advanced drug discovery applications. Silicon based ULSI nano manufacturing technologies allow us to fabricate ultra compact devices with system-on-chip and lab-on-chip integration, that are also inexpensive compared to other technologies.

We are building a robust intellectual property portfolio (patents awarded & pending) by developing key technologies in-house and in-licensing of complementary technologies from partnering institutions. We invite proposals for partnerships from industrial and academic entities. When proposals are not part of our identified strategic product development portfolio, INanoBio will co-develop as OEM partner.



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