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T-Mobile & AT&T Suspend Galaxy Note 7 Sales And Exchanges

T-Mobile & AT&T Suspend Galaxy Note 7 Sales And Exchanges  Science & Technology World Website

More bad news for Samsung as two US carriers AT&T and T-Mobile have suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 handset after further reports of problems with the devices.

Samsung has already replaced over one million Note 7 handsets and now there are reports of similar problems with multiple devices.

Last week we heard about a replacement Note 7 handset that caught fire on a plane before the plane took off.

T-Mobile has issued a statement, some of which you can see below, confirming that they are stopping sales of the device and also stopping exchanging the handset.

While Samsung investigates multiple reports of issues, T-Mobile is temporarily suspending all sales of the new Note7 and exchanges for replacement Note7 devices.

This really is very bad news for Samsung as the original recall is rumored to have cost them close to 42 billion, and if there are problems with the replacement devices, it is not clear on where they will go from here.



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