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Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone attracts investment from Israel

In an effort to propel the hi-tech collaboration between Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone and Israel, a small group and part of business representatives led by the Management Committee of Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone went to Israel for carrying out Sino-Israel trade and technical exchange activities. In the afternoon, 25 May, 2016, local time, the Management Committee held a presentation about the development environment of Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone. There were over 40 Israeli hi-tech companies present, and the involved industries covering biotech, medical apparatus and instruments, water treatment, finical service and new energy.

At the presentation, Ouyang Jiangnan, deputy secretory of the Party Working Committee of the Management Committee introduced the superior innovation and startup environment in Dongguan City and Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone to the attendees. Then, the small group and representatives had one-to-one discussions with Israeli companies.

Besides, a signing ceremony of five Sino-Israel cooperation projects was held. They are a Letter of Investment and Cooperation Intent and a Letter of Strategic Cooperation Intent signed between the Management Committee, MDC PLASTIC INDUSTRIES LTD and Business & Culture, a Cooperation Setup Fund Agreement signed between Dongguan SSL Holding Co., Ltd., Dongguan Rongyi Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. and Israeli Infinity Group.

After the presentation, the small group and enterprises representatives discussed with 21 attendees including Geysers, TargetPoint, ZOG360 and New Create. The Israeli companies know more about the investment environment of Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone and look forward to seeking excellent partners to integrate market and R&D resources and quicken the Sino-Israel industrial and technological cooperation by virtue of the strength of Songshanhu Hi-tech Zone.

This presentation provides a platform connecting between technology R&D and market for enterprises from Dongguan and Israel. It fully displays a broad prospect of cooperations between Israel and industries in the zone such as biotechnology, robots, new energy. 

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