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China Composites Group Co., Ltd.

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China Composites Group Co., Ltd.  Science & Technology World Website

China Composites Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, providing the market with high added value products and services, while striving to be environmentally friendly and resources saving. With more than 20 years’ history, It has now grown to be a leading group in China composites industry, being China’s best manufacturer of wind blades, carbon fiber, multi-functional floorings, aluminium conductor composite core, FRP pipes and tanks, glass fiber mat, FRP boats, auto-use FRP parts, etc, serving such various markets as transportation, new energy, chemicals, construction, etc. It is also the organizer of the biggest composites expo in Asia-Pacific region---China Composites Expo.

The company is now entering a new era of development, featured by fast expansion, resources integration, and technological/management innovation. By continuously strengthening core competence, the company is dedicated to maintaining its leading edge and offering clients with most reliable products.

Modern society is built upon composites. The company would like to join hands with everyone who has the same ambition as CCGC, to accelerate industrial development, national rejuvenation and human progress.



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