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Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone

Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone was jointly founded by Jiangsu Provincial Government and Nanjing Municipal Government in 1988. It was ratified as a national new and high-tech industry development zone by the State Council in 1991. It was named “Best Development Zone for Investment by Multinational Corporations” by Global Compact and Environment Programme of United Nations.

Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone takes its advantage to develop three leading industries—software & electronic information, biological medicine and new energy and material. The Zone has a planned area of 160 square kilometers and has in it more than 2000 registered companies, more than 500 foreign-invested enterprises, 12 listed companies and 48 enterprises whose sales income exceeds 100 million RMB. The Zone is one of the important economic growth poles in Nanjing and listed in advanced national new and high-tech industry development zones.

Investment Introduction

1. Financing solution plan

Sustainable and stable cooperative relationship has been established between High-tech Zone and the domestic and international investment banking, industry funds and risk investment institutions to provide you with various forms of development funds.

2. Solution for research and development

Perfect public experimental conditions are provided for you to reduce fixed expenses of scientific research equipment and conduct research and development rapidly at a lower cost with a shorter development cycle.

3. Business solution

System service and cooperation information are provided to help you acquire external cooperation, broaden social network, share development experience, optimize the environment of human resources, improve business environment, enhance the brand image and boost the efficiency of business.

4. Space solution

Various building spaces are available to meet your diverse needs for entrepreneurship development.

You can own the whole building to highlight your brand, strength and strategic vision; and settling in the office building is also a wise choice for you to join in the warm group with a lower cost.

Land is reserved for self-built R&D center and headquarter base for large-scale enterprises.



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