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Yantai High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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Established in the year 1990, Yantai High-tech Zone is one of the first of China Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Science and Technology Industrial Parks, and the first Sino-Russian high-tech industrial cooperation demonstration base in China. It includes “one district and four parks”, and they are: core development district, APEC Laishan Park, Fushan Hi-tech Park, APEC Zhifu Park and Wolong Park.

Superior geographical location and beautiful environment. The Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is close to Yantai municipal centre, and only 15 kilometers away from the railway station and Yantai port, 6 kilometers from the airport. It can conduct aviation, maritime and land trade directly with major cities of China and more than 100 countries and regions. Built along the seaside, 35% of the area is green land and the average temperature is 12 degrees centigrade, the year-round air quality is rated up to the National 1st Grade Standard and has passed the certification of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard System.

Complete infrastructure and perfect city function. Yantai Hi-tech Zone has developed an integrated network, with road, water supply, power supply and sewage treatment well planned and equipped. The well established neighborhoods and communities provide comfortable residence. The first-class stadium, leisure centre, meeting centers, hotels and exhibition centers can provide favorable conditions and environments.

Rich resources for Science and Technology Innovation. Within and around the zone there are Yantai University, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, China Agricultural University (Yantai) and other 8 colleges and universities. And Yantai institute of coastal zone research of Chinese Academy of Science, China aerospace 513 (Yantai) and 17 other provincial research institutes offer the academic and research advantages and provide intellectual supports for the industrial development.

Yantai municipal government gives priority to the hi-tech industrial development zone and has set up a special management system and operating mechanism to become compatible with international accepted practices and comply with the rule of market economy so as to provide favorable environment for innovation and business. The Hi-tech Zone Administrative Committee takes optimal development environment as their central task and provides humane, professional, one stop service for business.

Since 2008, Yantai hi-tech zone has started a new phase of grand development and construction. Inspired by Pilot Park, Yantai hi-tech zone will start “the third phase of development”, and embark on a new journey. It will concentrate around one target, seize two opportunities, stick to three strategies, create three highlands, shoulder four missions and implement eight projects.

The “one target” is to become a first-class international blue economy innovative zone, developing it into a vigorous and glamorous costal ecological science and technological zone.

The two opportunities are Shandong Blue Economic Area Strategy and Yantai Eastern Marine Economy New district Strategy.

The three strategies and three highlands are to implement the strategy of industrialization, creating a strategic new industrial highland, to implement the strategy of flourishing the district through science & technology,creating an independent innovation Highland, and to implement the strategy of strengthening the district through talents, creating innovation and entrepreneurship talent Highland.

Four missions are striving to be the vanguard of scientific development, creating technological innovation demonstration area, establishing a new benchmark for the reform and opening up and building a prosperous and harmonious civilization high-end knowledge city.

The eight projects:

1. Implementation of the industrial clusters cultivation project. Focus on the development of marine biology and medicine, aerospace technology, electronic information, high-end services and other leading industries, and concentrate on creating innovative ability and great potential, good economic returns, with the vision of international development and competitiveness of the dominant characteristics of industrial clusters;

2. Implementation of technology "Little Giant" incubator project. Vigorously strengthen the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carrier, and promote the "Little Giant" type technology companies cluster development.

3. Implementation of innovative service system construction project. Accelerate the construction of public service platform, introduce the development of venture capital companies, security companies and other financial institutions.

4. Implementation of the "Blue Ocean Talent" cluster project. Accelerate the introduction of a number of academic and technology leading talents, focusing on the introduction of a number of world-class level teams.

5. Implementation of the beautiful ecological living project. Construct non-polluting, low energy consumption for an ecological, livable and beautiful downtown.

6. Implementation of the wellbeing of the people project. Comprehensively promote education, health, culture and other social undertakings and improve people's living standards

7. Implementation of the "entrepreneurial vanguard" upgrade project. Improve the quality of leadership, simplify procedures and improve service efficiency, optimize the development environment.

8. Implementation of grassroots construction project. Strengthening education, training and management to better served for the region's economic and social development.



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