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York Science Park tech startup reports business growth of 312%

York Science Park tech startup reports business growth of 312%. Science & Technology World Website

RotaCloud, the York Science Park-based software startup, has experienced a period of rapid growth as client numbers have more than doubled in the past seven months and revenue is up 312% this year.

In addition, the tech company has just launched its biggest product update yet.

RotaCloud’s employee scheduling software is used by hundreds of business across the UK and around the world to simplify rota management and confine Excel rotas.

Co-founders Joel Beverley, James Lintern and David Brandon built the business after having contended with chaotic rota management at previous employers.

The RotaCloud team moved into their first office at the Innovation Centre at York Science Park earlier in the year.

As well as launching its largest feature update ever, the company is currently looking to expand its office space at the Science Park as it plans to recruit more employees.

Joel explained: “The Time and Attendance package allows our clients to check scheduled working hours against actual working hours, allowing for accurate payroll and absence data.

“Employees can clock in and out through their smartphones or company terminals, with the time data automatically fed through to the system. It’s all about cutting admin work for managers, freeing time for more important business tasks.“

James added: “The next steps for us are to continue growing our team and reach new markets in the UK and further afield. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback RotaCloud has received, and we’re excited to see what the future brings.“

Tracey Smith, York Science Park CEO, also commented: “RotaCloud has exciting times ahead with further growth projections and its new feature update.

“We were delighted to welcome the RotaCloud team to the Science Park in June and look forward to supporting its expansion in the future.“     



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