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BASF to release new dicamba formulation

BASF is planning for the release of a new dicamba formulation later this year - and its maker says it will help prevent drift and crop damage. 

Markus Heldt, president of BASF Crop Protection says Engenia herbicide will first be released in cotton and soybeans to take care of resistant weeds that have cropped up in the last decade. 

Some U.S. farmers treated Monsanto's RoundUP Ready to Extend cotton and soybeans with old dicamba based formulations causing drift and off target impacts. Heldt says they are very concerned about the developments in the U.S.,"The biggest problem and glitch in that environment was the release of seed without having the matching chemical approved by EPA." 

With their new innovation and formulation - Heldt says BASF Engenia and anti-drift application nozzles will be able to significantly reduce drift. BASF is waiting for approval for over the top application in North America.



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