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Etisalat, partners to launch special midwife service

Etisalat, partners to launch special midwife service Science & Technology World Website

Special Midwife Service is a mobile-based service that avails pregnant women and new mothers the opportunity of getting useful education and information about pregnancy and nutrition such as conception, nutrition for mother and baby, wellness/fitness, medication reminders, etc. through their Etisalat line.

Speaking on the new service, Director, Digital Business, Etisalat Nigeria, Adia Sowho, described the Special Midwife Service is an innovative contribution by the telco to global efforts targeted at improving nutrition and reducing maternal and child mortality in the country. “Special Midwife Service (SMS) is a mobile healthcare education and information service aimed at promoting good nutrition behaviours as well as reducing maternal and child mortality in Nigeria by providing crucial information and reminders for expectant and new mothers. It is an informative platform where women are better informed about the right choices to make during and after pregnancy” she said.

Speaking further, Sowho expressed belief in the ability of the new service to provide immense benefits to the womenfolk, especially first time mothers. “The service will provide them with unhindered access to information on everything they desire to know about pregnancy, child care and nutrition-sensitive issues for various stages of life, at any time of the day. It also gives subscribers the opportunity to speak with a Doctor or Midwife on demand,” she added.

The Special Midwife Service is a Short Message Service (SMS) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based service which cost N30 for 2 days.

Special Midwife Service is a unique first-of-its-kind service in the country that involves organisations partnering to provide a mobile healthcare education and information service for expectant and new mothers.

Google to train 1 million people in Africa in digital skills

Etisalat, partners to launch special midwife service Science & Technology World Website

Google has, at a press conference in Johannesburg, announced its commitment to train one million young Africans in digital skills in the next year. In realising this commitment, Google is supporting its partner Livity Africa to run two training programs: ‘Digify Bytes’ to give digital skills to young people looking to develop a digital career; and ‘Digify Pro’, a 3-month immersion program for digital specialists.

These programs have already launched in Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa, and will be scaled to reach more people in the next 12 months. A group of 65 volunteer Googlers from around the world are helping the Livity team with content development, ‘training the trainers’ and, in some cases, delivering the training sessions.

Additionally, the announcement saw the launch of digifyafrica.com – an online-learning portal that will house a range of digital skills courses, available to anyone in Africa – free. The courses are designed to be as “light” as possible so they don’t eat up valuable data. There are nine training courses already available and Google aims to have 50 available by July.

Luke McKend Country Director, South Africa: “The internet is at the heart of economic growth and the Digital Skills Program is aimed at helping more Africans play a part in the digital economy. Everyone can succeed online, start a new business, grow their existing one, or share their passion.”


Internet Society to boost technology training in Africa

Etisalat, partners to launch special midwife service Science & Technology World Website

In an agreement signed with the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG), the Internet Society has announced that it will contribute USD 150,000 to support an improved offering of network technology training programs in Africa.

AfNOG serves as a forum for technical coordination and cooperation among African Internet service providers and network engineers from the region’s universities, research institutions, and industry.

The Internet Society’s support to AfNOG will focus on three key areas:– Development of AfNOG’s Network Technology training programs and workshops;– Development and update of AfNOG’s Network Technology workshop course materials; and– Advancement of individual fellowship program to further attendance to AfNOG’s Network Technology workshops. The Internet Society and AfNOG have agreed to an increased emphasis on women’s participation in the fellowship program.

Announcing the agreement, Dawit Bekele, Director of the Internet Society’s African Regional Bureau, stated that, “More than 20% of Africa’s population was active online in 2015 ─ a critical level of adoption for the Internet to start making an economic impact. Technical skills training plays an important role in creating this opportunity and in contributing to our vision of ‘an Internet for Everyone’. For this reason, we have supported technical skills training for the operation of Internet networks worldwide for more than two decades, and we are proud to extend our support through AfNOG to build a better, stronger Internet for the continent.”

Internet Hall of Fame inductee, Jonathan B. Postel Service Award recipient and AfNOG Convener Prof. Nii Quaynor further noted that, “The values of building Technical Capacity, developing local communities and Internet growth that AfNOG and the Internet Society share have enabled the creation of so much Internet technical capacity in Africa since 2000. The multi-year funding support from the Internet Society will reinforce our cooperation and enhance the quality of our Training Programs to the benefit of the Africa Technical community.”



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