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Sylentis is a pharmaceutical company based on RNA interference technology

Sylentis is a pharmaceutical company based on RNA interference technology. Science & Technology World Website

Sylentis is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2006 and wholly owned by Pharma Mar S.A. (PHM:SM), with the mission of building a solid and sustainable business and becoming a leader of a new class of medicines based on RNA interference or RNAi. RNAi is a promising approach to silence targets involved in many diseases and represents a new drug mechanism of action.

The Sylentis pipeline is aimed at indications with an elevated market potential, including ocular pathologies, inflammatory diseases and central nervous system diseases.

Given the inherent complications of this technology regarding delivery of the active principle to the target tissue, our strategy is based on first selecting accessible therapeutic targets, which don not require systemic administration of the product. However, the development of formulations for RNAi technology to increase the therapeutic effect of these molecules is an area of great interest to the company. 


Sylentis is a pharmaceutical company devoted to the research and development of innovative drugs, based on RNA interference technology, for the treatment and prevention of illnesses with unmet needs and with a great impact on present-day society.

Sylentis’s main mission is to provide all health professionals and patients with innovative drugs. We do this by means of personal and technological leadership, and with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of our patients, through innovation in pharmaceutical products.


It is our wish to become the most highly valued company in the sector by patients, health professionals, collaborators, institutional and community representatives. At the same time, Sylentis intends to continue to grow as a leader in comparison with our competitors.

Through Innovative science and medicine, Sylentis aims to become one of the main companies specializing in the discovery and development of products based on  RNAi technology for the treatment of illnesses with great social impact.

In Sylentis we aspire to increase our competivity as a pharmaceutical company, and at the same time boost the therapeutic areas in which we carry out research and develop drugs. Our aim is to assure our capacity to respond to unmet needs in the treatment of illness.  To accomplish that with a representative vision of our values and our commitment, will transform us into a reference for health and  pharmaceutical assistance.



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